Some of our travel photography

22 - 27 June 2022 Paris

16th Wedding Anniversary

12 - 22 September 2019 Eastern Canada Niagara Zip Line video (mp4)

Toronto, Montreal, Québec City, Ottawa, Algonquin Provincial Park (Hidden Valley) and Niagara Falls.

Our thanks to our guide Moira, our driver Doug, and all our travelling companions on this tour.

21 July 2019 Guided tour of Bradford-on-Avon

After an overnight at The Swan Hotel in Bradford-on-Avon, we took a 3-hour guided tour of the town.

20 - 27 June 2019 Cruise on the Douro (Portugal)


Cruising from Porto to the Spanish border, including a stay in Espinho, tours of Porto and Gaia, and an excursion to Salamanca (Spain)

8 - 24 May 2019 China

Big thanks to all of our travelling companions on this tour: Mahesh and Mercy, Sarah, 'Tall' Sarah, Dave and Mark, Clare and Peter, and Phil, for making the trip so enjoyable.
But it would have been nothing without our wonderful tour guide 'Big Ben' and the many excellent local guides who supported us at each location. Organisation of this VJV trip was second to none.

26 September -
3 October 2018
Naples and Ravello

Our thanks to our travelling companions on this trip, who all enhanced the pleasure of exploring this part of Italy. Big thanks also to our Tour Manager Gennaro, our 'minder' Luciano, and our enchanting cultural guide Lucia.

5 - 9 July 2018 Belfast

Just a few days away, to find out a bit more about this corner of the UK. Quite an eye-opener.

13 - 24 April 2018 Japan

Our thanks to our travelling companions on this trip, who all helped to make this holiday so enjoyable. Big thanks also to our wonderful Tour Manager Frances, our enchanting Tour Guide Junko, and of course the inimitable 'Ted'!

1 - 8 March 2018 Iceland

Our thanks to the wonderful company we shared on the trip with Eric, Gwen, Richard & Anita, Ian & Jenny, Colin & Pam, and of course our excellent guide Peter.

6 - 26 November 2017 Myanmar and Singapore

A tour from Mandalay to Yangon via Bagan, Inle Lake and the Irrawaddy, followed by a few days in Singapore.

13 - 7 June 2017 Cruise on the Rhône


1 - 3 April 2017 Isle of Wight  
9 - 16 March 2017 Malta  
16 - 31 July 2016 Canadian Rockies and Alaska  
26 April - 5 May 2016 Andalusia / Andalucía  
7 - 11 April 2014 Istanbul  
14 - 25 October 2012 Peru  
28 September - 12 October 2011 Cuba  
30 September - 11 October 2010 Nepal  

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